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Friday, 09 October 2015 Written by WSA Category: Animal Welfare Hits: 126
Dog Powered Sports

A dog’s wellbeing and health prohibits any activities that negatively affect its life expectancy or quality of life. The goal is to reach the best possible harmony between owner and dog.

Ethical principles:

The responsibility for a dog starts on the first day of ownership and lasts until the end of its life. The life expectancy of a healthy, medium to large dog averages between 12 to 14 years.
The top priority is to preserve and promote the physical and psychological health of the dog. In addition to the basic needs for food, care and excercise, it is important to provide an environment free of abuse and violence.

In addition to he basic needs of food, care and exercise are considered to be normal behaviours for having a dog, along with non-violent occurrences with the dog

Regular health checks, vaccinations and treatment of internal and external parasites are part of responsible dog ownership. Care must be adapted to the dog‘s natural needs and both social and psychological stimulation is important for maintaining physical and mental health.

When deciding how many dogs to own, it is important to consider how much money and time can be dedicated, and what zoning laws and living situation will allow. Keeping kennels the size one can care for properly will allow to avoid future problems.

The basic education of each dog is important for its welfare and safety.

Runs or pens must be large enough to allow dogs to perform most behaviors that are typical of their species. Good weather protection must be provided. Chain attitude is rejected. The dog gor dogs should have his/her kennel area accessible with the ability for he/she too move around accordingly and be able to stay occupied. The dogs urge to move, the ability to learn and the other ways of a dogs being must be encouraged and supported.
Alone with that, a dog must have plenty of activities to get sufficient exercise; for example letting the dog free run. For this purpose, the activities mentioned above, should be to put as a standard for the basic training for a dog.

An exellent way of staying busy and active ist he sled dogging sport as well as the various other possibillities of dog sports in general.

It is important to properly train and condition dogs and never push them to perform beyond their capabilities. Usage of performane-enhancing drugs and harmful training methods are strictly prohibited.

A responsible Mushers will participate in events only with healthy, well trained and conditioned dogs. Ambition or financial motives should never overrule animal welfare.

Above all, it is unthinkable to shorten the life of a dog for financial reasons, lack of space or because the animal’s performance is not up to expectations.

The killing of vertebrates is regulated by the Animal Protection Act of each country and clearly prohibits killing for above reasons.

Ethical people will grant their dog a pleasant last stage of life according to its age and health. This demonstartes their gratitude towards the animal for being a reliable friend and partner over many years.

Unfortunately, in some countries it is permitted to keep dogs on chains. Nevertheless, this practice should be rejected by all sled dog organizations nationally and internationally. Sled dog organizations should engage with mushers practicing this with the aim to abolish this practice.

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